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We can assist our customers in all phases of software development lifecycle. Starting from startups to mid-sized & large business enterprises, we are ready to work with all size of companies by providing case studies and proof of concepts with a focus on process optimization and expansion.

Why should I choose VStack Dev for outsourcing my software development projects?

We have a team of experienced software engineers with 5+ years of experience and in-depth technical expertise and capable of delivering the project on time. Our team can suggest innovative ideas and solutions best fit for your organization.  Initially the Business Analyst analyses your project requirements and come up with the quote. The solution includes artifacts for requirements followed by prototype creation, product development, and testing, market release. We can also do integration of developed solution with existing business practices, and ongoing technical support. Even though it will be a kind of offshore software outsourcing, you will never feel that you are working with a team from another part of the globe.

What is software Outsourcing?

It is a generic practice followed by software development companies in which the project or product development authority is handed over to a third-party vendor. However, the outsourcing job or activity must be accomplished by fulfilling clients’ requirements within the budget and given time frame.

What are the advantages of outsourcing any project requirement?

Some of the advantages of outsourcing a software project requirement are:

  • You need not to hire a developer as getting the right candidate takes more time, even sometimes months.
  • By outsourcing, especially you can save the maintenance cost of IT infrastructure and obviously you can get quality service.
  • You can relax and focus on core business activities by outsourcing software development service to a reputed software company.
  • Moreover, it will save a lot of your valuable time as many outsourcing companies are in different time zones, and you will get easy access to skilled workers.

What kind of projects can I outsource?

You can outsource projects that require expertise in Web development, Mobile Apps development, Software Testing, and Maintenance. The demand will continue to rise in coming years to digitize and optimize your business process.

Do you work as per the US, UK, and Canada zones?

We can work from Monday to Friday between 10 am to 7 pm and our team is experienced in working and supporting clients in different time zones of countries. We schedule meetings via WhatsApp, Zoom, Teams, and Basecamp System or any other preferred mode of your choice. We will keep you updated about the work progress through emails, and you can also contact us over the telephone or Mobile during official working hours.

Do I need to visit the offshore Vendor?

No, it is not essential to visit the offshore vendor. It is an unnecessary expense for you. To overcome this, we can provide SPOC (representative) to interact with for any kind of issues during your project execution and delivery. In fact, it may clear off unnecessary distractions, delays, or discomfort.

What is your Payment term?

VStack Dev accept payments in three consecutive installments.

First, we discuss the project requirements with our clients. If we feel that we will be able to outsource your project to some of the top outsourcing companies in India, we will sign the agreement. And at this stage, we take the first round of payment or installment.

Later, when our software dev team is about to kick start the project, we accept the payment of second installment.

The final and the last installment is required to pay on deploying the project successfully.

Do VStack Dev offers weekend work services?

Weekend services can be offered on priority basis to meet the project deadlines or deliverables if any. The charges vary as per the features of the application when we can mobilize our resources to work on weekend. For us, work is our topmost priority, and we are ready to provide services on weekends or during holidays as well.

What are the different models of Outsourcing?

There are specific ways by which businesses outsource their software project requirements to vendors across the globe. There are three different models by which companies can outsource their projects namely on-shore, offshore, and near-shore.

Onshore Software Outsourcing: In onshore outsourcing, the companies can outsource their project requirement to the software companies located within the same country.

This is the most recommended mode of software outsourcing as it eliminates the language barrier problems and eventually makes it easier for the two parties to communicate. However, in return, customers may have to pay more towards development costs.

Offshore Software Outsourcing: In offshore outsourcing, IT outsourcing is done with the teams working in the development team of other countries. This is a highly preferable and most cost-effective option for countries like the UK, USA, and Canada.

Clients from these countries can enjoy the best offshore development services at low labor costs. Generally, companies use online communication channels like emails, Zoom Video Conference, VoIP Zone to ensure effective communication between the parties.

Nearshore Software Outsourcing: In Nearshore Software outsourcing, companies can work with clients in neighbor countries

How can I check if my project is a priority for the vendor?

Generally, Software outsourcing companies always give importance to profitable projects. But, at VStack Dev, we always follow the “First Come, First Serve” policy and we never overlook the projects that are low on budget. As a client, you need to keep an eye on these things before outsourcing your IT development projects. Your vendor must incur penalties in case the project did not meet the deadline or does not meet the specifications. However, this is a matter of trust which can only arise if you have a professional long term and high-value relationship with clients.

How can I prevent the problem of miscommunication with my vendor?

One of the best ways to overcome this problem is to choose an offshore development company where developers have an adequate skill of English language. English is an international language and India is the second highest English-speaking country in the world. AT VStack Dev, we have a team of Software engineers and coders who are not only good at coding but also speak and understand English at the expert level. This all will help you minimize the pitfalls and end the challenges of cross-cultural collaboration.

How should I choose the right IT Outsource Company?

Choosing the best IT outsourcing development company has always been a difficult process as you must look at various points. You cannot skip anything; otherwise, your investment will go in vain. Today there are thousands of IT firms available in the market and selecting the best out of these is a bit critical. But you can sort this process with a few simple steps.

1. Strict Non-disclosure agreement
While hiring IT company always make sure that they sign strict ‘non-disclosure agreements’ with their clients and developers. It is important because it secures the confidentiality of your project and creates reliability.
2.Bug-free Coding
It is obvious that you should never compromise on getting bug free solution for your project. So, make sure that the company which you will hire should be expert in delivering bug free codes.
3.Profound Experience
The next important thing that lies in the queue is experience. Make sure that you are partnering with holds significant years of experience and never forget to check their portfolio to have a better idea.
4.Affordable Price
Now comes a primary concern i.e., budget. The development charges should lie in your budget. And the best company will always charge you an affordable price that never let you dig deeper in your pocket.
5.On-Time Delivery
The last but not the least point you should check is ‘time’. Make sure that a company you have hired should assure you an on-time project delivery.
So, all these are the significant points that you should consider while hiring an IT Outsourcing Company.

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